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She Creates Business | A Podcast for Wedding Pros

How do I get more clients in my wedding business? Should I start a wedding venue? What are the latest social media trends for marketing?

Have you ever found yourself Googling these questions late into the evening between wedding seasons?

Here's the great news my friend: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. All of us in the wedding industry share the same struggles, we all have stories AND the best part is......we all have solutions!

Every Tuesday & Thursday, She Creates Business, a Podcast for Wedding Pros interviews women entrepreneurs in the wedding industry just like you.

We share personal journeys, business building strategies, marketing tips and MORE. From wedding planners to florists, from venue owners to calligraphers and beyond, no topic is off limits.

Join us for community and conversation!

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Sep 3, 2019

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Today, I'm honored to welcome Heather and Lindsay from LVL Academy to the show.

We're digging deep into three topics:

1. Pricing
2. Sustainability
3. Personal Development

Three topics that are imperative to longevity in our industry.

About Lindsay and Heather:


As a business owner, I dream to cultivate change. My mom started her own business when I was a kid so that she could be there for me and my brother. I didn't realize back then, but since she has passed, I know that I have the same driving force as she had. I am a country music fan. I love to swear. I am on a mission to find a natural deodorant that actually works. I am a gypsy at heart and believe in the power of sage and palo santo. I love to sing out loud but only do it when I am in the car alone because I am too scared. I would make a terrible employee. I eloped.


Being a wedding planner is not just my job, it is who I am. I remember that after the first wedding I did, I knew this is what I wanted to do because it was the first time in my life I felt my work could have a purpose. I am obsessed with baby animals. I have over 30 cousins - they are the best. Lists and whiteboards make me super happy. Dancing to EDM in my apartment puts me in a great mood. I would never say no to a spicy margarita. I have the worst poker face. I para-glided off the top of Aspen Mountain with Lindsay.


This episode was originally broadcast on September, 19th, 2018.